PAYDAY 2: Gage Historical Pack STEAM GIFT RU + CIS 💎

Meet the real classics.
The Gage Historical Pack DLC is the 12th DLC pack for PAYDAY 2 and adds a variety of historical weapons so you can heist as if it was World War II.

Four new ranged weapons, four new melee weapons, twice the weapon slots, a host of mods, four new masks, patterns and materials are also included.

Key Features
★ Four historic weapons – Time to crack open the crate and take a closer look at the vintage merchandise. Ah, the memories! You´ll notice that there´s a little bit of everything for everyone in this shipment - there´s an SMG, a sniper rifle, an LMG and a pistol. No matter what side you were on, there´s something for you in this pack.

★ Four new melee weapons – What would a Gage Weapon Pack be without additional tools so you can kill people in a melee? Real soldiers back when used anything they could grab to kill the enemy. Things like a Potato Masher (actually a grenade), the Spear of Freedom (actually a flag) and two more essential things from the period.

★ Four new masks – The day is finally here. Gage has kept these masks for himself for a long time. Too long! The time has now come for you to wear these faces of old.

★ Four new materials and patterns – What better to go together with four old and dusty masks than four patterns and materials from the same era? Behold such historic beauties like Captain War, Dazzle, Death Dealer, Patriot or the Red Sun, to name a few.

★ 5 new achievements to unlock – You thought achievements were old news!? Think again! These achievements will make you think that you´re back in the golden age of achievements, when people actually thought they were going to be worth a damn. Enjoy five exciting challenges that will make you come back for your PAYDAY, too.

★ Double the weapon slots – Free for everyone, enjoy twice the amount of weapon slots so you can use even more weapons while robbing banks with your friends.



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